sequence of rulers considered members of the same family

Dynasty means rulers who belong to the same royal family for generations. The term is also used to describe the era during which that family ruled.

Famous dynasties were:

Dynasties by region change

Africa change

Egypt change

Morocco change

North and South America change

Brazil change

Haiti change

Hawaii change

Mexico change

Asia change

Afghanistan change

China change

India change

Japan change

Korea change

Maldives change

Persia (Iran) change

Thailand change

Europe change

Albania change

Barbarians change

Bavarii change
Franks change
Lombards change
See Early kings of the Lombards.
Ostrogoths change
Vandals change
Visigoths change

Byzantine Empire change

Croatia change

Denmark change

England change

France change

Germany change

Bavaria change
Saxony change

Hungary change

Montenegro change

Iberia change

Aragón change
Asturias change
Castile change
León change
Navarre change
Portugal change
Spain change

Ireland change

Italy change

Norway change

Ottoman Empire change

Poland change

Roman Empire change

Romania change

Russia change

Scotland change

Sweden change

Two Sicilies change

Sicily change