Argentine Antarctica

Argentina's territorial claim in Antarctica

Argentine Antarctica is a part of Antarctica claimed by Argentina as part of its national territory. This claim overlaps with British and Chilean claims in Antarctica. Argentine Antarctica is a department of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands.

Argentine Antarctica
Antártida Argentina
Argentine Antarctica map since 1950, the Orcadas base are from 1904.
Argentine Antarctica map since 1950, the Orcadas base are from 1904.
Flag of Argentine Antarctica
Coat of arms of Argentine Antarctica
Location in Antarctica
Location in Antarctica
Coordinates: 75°00′S 49°30′W / 75.000°S 49.500°W / -75.000; -49.500
ProvinceTierra del Fuego Province
Founded byJosé María Sobral
 • Total965,597 km2 (372,819 sq mi)
 • Total300
 • Density0.00031/km2 (0.00080/sq mi)

The Argentine exploration to the continent started early in the 20th century. José María Sobral was the first Argentine to set foot on Antarctica in 1901. He spent 2 seasons with the Swedish Antarctic Expedition of Doctor Otto Nordenskiöld. In 1904, the Orcadas Base was fully working. Years later other bases were made. The first Argentine expedition to reach the South Pole was the 1965 Operación 90.

Argentine actions in Antarctica are coordinated by the Instituto Antartico Argentino

According the last Argentine national census, on October 2010 (winter) there were 230 people in the six permament bases.[1]

Geography change

The geography of Argentine Antarctica has some features of the Patagonia. The highest peaks are at the south of the Antarctic Peninsula. The land is under an ice sheet.

The region has a polar climate, with strong winds, snow and thick clouds.

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