Artemis 1

uncrewed spaceflight; first flight in the Artemis program, and first flight of NASA's SLS rocket

Artemis 1[5] (previously known as Exploration Mission-1 and before that Space Launch System-1) was an uncrewed flight of the Space Launch System and the second flight of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. It was launched on 16th November, 2022, at 1:47 AM EST, from LC-39B in KSC, Florida. The flight ended on 11 December; The space capsule landed in the Pacific Ocean.[6]

Artemis 1
Artemis 1 Launching from LC-39B
Mission typeLunar orbital test flight
COSPAR ID2022-156A
SATCAT no.54257Edit this on Wikidata
Mission durationPlanned: 3 weeks
Distance travelledPlanned: 1.3 million mi (2.1 million km)[1]
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeOrion MPCV
ManufacturerLockheed Martin / Airbus
Start of mission
Launch date16th November 2022
RocketSLS Block 1[2]
Launch siteKennedy LC-39B[3]
End of mission
Landing sitePacific Ocean[4]
Orbital parameters
Reference systemSelenocentric
Period6 days
Moon orbiter
Orbital insertion2022
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