Axel Zwingenberger

German musician

Axel Zwingenberger (born 7 May 1955, Hamburg, Germany) is a blues and boogie-woogie pianist He is said to be one of the best boogie-woogie musicians in the world.[1]

Axel Zwingenberger 1991
The ABC & D of Boogie Woogie Zwingenberger far left



Zwingenberger was born in Hamburg, Germany. He had eleven years of piano training. In 1973 he listened to recordings of boogie-woogie pianists Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, and Pete Johnson. He joined piano playing partners Hans-Georg Moeller, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker. In 1974, he played at the First International Blues-and-Boogie Woogie Festival of the West German Radio Station in Cologne which was followed by Hans Maitner's annual festival Stars of Boogie Woogie in Vienna.

1975 Zwingenberger signed his first recording contract.Since then he made recordings with famous artists like Lionel Hampton, Jay McShann, Big Joe Turner, Lloyd Glenn, Joe Newman, Sippie Wallace, Mama Yancey, Champion Jack Dupree, Sammy Price, Ray Bryant, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Vince Weber, and the Mojo Blues Band, among others. In spring 2009 he renewed his relationship with Charlie Watts, drummer of The Rolling Stones. Together with bassist Dave Green, they played concerts labeled as 'The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie'.

Being a steam engine fan since childhood he also edited a book with his own photos of steam engines. (Axel Zwingenberger, Vom Zauber der Züge - The Magic of Trains photo book - ISBN 3-926398-02-7)

Selective discography

Year Title Solo albums Label
1996 Boogie Back To New York City solo - live Vagabond
1992 Boogie Woogie Classics solo Polygram Int'l
1985 Boogie Woogie live solo - all original compositions by A.Z.[2] Vagabond
1980 Power House Boogie solo Vagabond
1978 Boogie Woogie Breakdown solo Telefunken
Year Title Combinations Label
2012 The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie - Live in Paris w/ Ben Waters, p + voc, Charlie Watts, dr & Dave Green, b Eagle Rock Records, UK
2012 The Joy of Boogie Woogie w/ Keito Saito, p Quatre Mains Records, Japan
2010 The Magic of Boogie Woogie w/ Charlie Watts, dr & Dave Green, b Vagabond
2009 Lady sings the Boogie Woogie w/ Lila Ammons, voc Vagabond
2008 Saxy Boogie Woogie w/ Big Jay McNeely, sax & The Bad Boys Vagabond
2004 Groovology w/ Gottfried Boettger, p Vagabond
1999 Brothers in Boogie w/ Torsten Zwingenberger, dr Vagabond
1999 The Boogiemeisters w/ Vince Weber, p + voc Vagabond
1996 Swing the Boogie! w/ Jay McShann, p + voc Vagabond
1982 The Boogie Woogie Album w/ Lionel Hampton Orchestra Vagabond
1978 Let's Boogie Woogie All Night Long w/ Big Joe Turner, voc - German Record Award 1979 Vagabond
1976 Boogie Woogie Session '76 live in Vienna w/ Hans-Georg Möller, Martin Pyrker & Torsten Zwingenberger EMI
Year Title Axel Zwingenberger & The Friends Of Boogie Woogie - Series Label
2000 Vol. 10: Kansas City Boogie Jam w/ Big Joe Duskin, voc, Sammy Price, p, Jay McShann, p Vagabond
1999 Vol. 9: Red Hot Boogie Woogie Party w/ Red Holloway, sax & voc, Mojo Blues Band - live Vagabond
1993 Vol. 8: Heat It Up w/ Red Holloway, sax & voc, Mojo Blues Band Vagabond
1992 Vol. 7: Champion Jack Dupree sings Blues Classics w/ Champion Jack Dupree, voc, Mogens "Basse" Seidelin, b, Michael Strasser, dr Vagabond
1990 Vol. 6: On Stage with Champion Jack Dupree w/ Champion Jack Dupree, voc & Torsten Zwingenberger, dr Vagabond
1988 Vol. 5: Champ's Housewarming w/ Champion Jack Dupree, voc, Mojo Blues Band Vagabond
1987 Vol. 4: The Blues Of Mama Yancey w/ Estella "Mama" Yancey, voc Vagabond
1986 Vol. 3: An Evening with Sippie Wallace w/ Sippie Wallace, voc - live Vagabond
1985 Vol. 2: Between Hamburg & Hollywood w/ Big Joe Turner, voc, Joe Newman, tp & voc, Lloyd Glenn, p, Torsten Zwingenberger, dr Vagabond
1984 Vol. 1: Sippie Wallace w/ Sippie Wallace, voc Vagabond

Zwingenberger also appeared on Just For A Thrill by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings


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