Ayya Vaikundar

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Ayya Vaikundar (Tamil: அய்யா வைகுண்டர்) is a Manu (father, sovereign) avatar (the incarnation of a deity) of the Lord Narayana according to Akilattirattu Ammanai the holy book of the Ayyavazhi religion, officially a Tamil Hindu branch.

The physical human body of Ayya Vaikundar was born with the name Muthukutty. However, Muthukutty is referred to as Sampooranathevan, a deva (a deity), in the religious book Akilam. Ayya Vikundar is a combination of the spirit of Narayana, the soul of the Supreme God, Ekam (God beyond conciouseness) and the body of an ordinary human being (Muthukutty).

The Ekam as soul incarnated with the spirit of Narayana in the body of Muthukutty.