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Azerbaijanfilm (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycanfilm) is an Azerbaijani state movie studio. It is located in the capital city Baku. They mainly make movies and sometimes documentaries.

Main entrance to Azerbaijanfilm studio


"Azerbaijanfilm" started in 1920 as a photo-cinema department at the Azerbaijan SSR People's Commissariat (Government Ministry). In 1923 it was renamed to "Azerbaijani Photo-Cinema Office" (AFKI). There were several name changes, including "Azdovletkino" (1926–1930), "Azkino" (1930–1933), "Azfilm" (1933), "Azdovletkinosenaye" (1934), "Azerfilm" (1935–1940), and "Baku Cinema Studio" (1941–1959). In 1960 it became "Azerbaijanfilm" cinema studio named after Jafar Jabbarly.

Currently, "Azerbaijanfilm" is a part of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan.[1]

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