Bäckaby Old Church

former Church of Sweden church building in the Jönköping city park in Jönköping, Sweden

Bäckaby Old Church (Swedish: Bäckaby gamla kyrka) was a woooden church building in Sweden. The oldest pieces were dated back to the 1320s. The old wooden church was originally in Bäckaby outside Vetlanda. The church was later purchased by a private person and moved to the town park in Jönköping. In Jönköping, it was reopened on 31 August 1902. Back in Bäckaby, Bäckaby Old Church had been replaced by the newer Bäckaby Church in 1899.

Bäckaby Old Church
Bäckaby gamla kyrka
Bäckaby Old Church in 1945
DenominationChurch of Sweden
ParishJönköping Sofia

On late Friday evening, 28 April 2000 a fire totally destroyed the church. Soon, it was learnt that the fire was caused by arson. Local press brought major attention to the fire when it appeared to be connected to satanism.[1] and modern paganism.[2] Many people missed the church because it had been popular a place for weddings and baptism.[3]

In 2003 a memorial site was opened.

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