ceremony where people are united in marriage

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people become married. Most wedding[1] ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by a couple. There is often a presentation of a gift (offering, rings, symbolic item, flowers, money, dress), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or celebrant. It is common for the couple involved in the wedding to exchange vows and to give each other rings. Weddings are often held in religious buildings.

Punjabi Wedding

Wedding customs in western societies

Queen Victoria was the first to wear a white wedding dress

Pre-wedding customs


In the few days or weeks before a wedding, the bride may attend a "bridal shower" held in a friend's home. She receives gifts for and advice about married life. The groom may attend a "bachelor party" with his groomsmen. This event marks his last night as a bachelor. There is much drinking and merriment. A dinner is sometimes held for the parents of the couple. A dinner for all the members of the wedding party may be held the night before the wedding.



A traditional wedding ceremony in the western world usually consists of the couple exchanging vows before a government official or a priest, minister, or pastor. Rings are exchanged between the married couple, following which they kiss.

Traditionally a church, synagogue, temple, other religious centre, or the home of one of the parents is the site of the wedding. Non-traditional couples choose unusual sites. Some couples have married while snorkelling or skydiving. Couples sometimes choose "destination weddings" and pay for guests to attend their wedding at a romantic "destination" such as a Caribbean island. In the United Kingdom in 2020 85.5% of weddings were civil ceremonies - not in religious buildings.[2]


Cutting the cake

There is often a party or banquet after the wedding called a reception. This may be called the wedding breakfast as it is the first meal the married couple eat together. During the reception, the couple greet friends and family, cut a cake, and have the first dance together. Sometimes a bouquet is tossed to the guests, traditionally to predict who is getting married next. The couple then departs the reception site in a car that is sometimes decorated with balloons, signs ("Just Married!"), old shoes or tin cans tied to the rear bumper.

One or both of the couple usually wears white formal attire. Traditionally, white symbolized virginity. Sometimes a veil, a wreath of flowers, a tiara, or another headdress is worn. The veil is then lifted before or after the vows are taken.



After the wedding, the newlyweds usually take a trip, which is called a honeymoon. Traditionally, the honeymoon was the time when the couple had their first sexual intercourse and established their sexual relationship. Many, many couples in the western world today have had sexual intercourse long before the wedding, and the honeymoon has become a time of intimate relaxation before returning to work, debts, and other obligations.

Wedding Wishes


Marriage is the beautiful bond of souls bind together with eternal love, responsibility, rights, and obligations. It is for everyone, love is love. Marriage is more than living together. It is about duty, commitment, understanding, and many more. From the prehistoric time, it has been the traditions to celebrate the wedding day full of fun, excitements, presents, and beautiful blessings.[3]



The bridesmaids are not necessarily women, they are people that walk down the aisle before one of the couple. They often wear the same colour as the one or both of the couple and they might carry flowers.

Armenian Wedding at Khor Virap

Bridal shower


The bridal shower is similar to the bachelor party, but it is for the other one of the couple.


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