Badeshi language

possible Indo-Iranian language spoken in Pakistan

Badeshi is a northwestern Indo-Iranic language spoken by over 10,000 people in upper reaches of Bishigram Valley (Chail), east of Madyan, Swat, Kohistan in Northern Areas of Pakistan.

RegionBishigram (Chail) Valley
Native speakers
Language codes
ISO 639-3bdz

Badeshi people of Bishigram Valley and Tirat Valley are total around 1,500 in numbers. The figures of Pooran Chakesar, Alai, and Mansehra towns is not available. Badeshi people stopped using their native language completely few generations ago. In Bishigram Valley, they only speak Torwali and in Tirat Valley they speak Pashto.

Muhammad Zaman Sagar, a field linguist is working on this language. But his research over the 2 years, he has just collected one hundred words so far. In July 2007 he visited again the Bishigram valley and spent some days with those people there.


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