Balearic Islands

archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea

The Balearic Islands (officially and in Catalan Illes Balears) are an autonomous community of Spain, formed by the Balearic Islands province. The main Balearic islands are Mallorca (also called in English Majorca), Minorca, Eivissa or Ibiza, and Formentera. The capital is Palma de Mallorca, and other cities are Mahon, Ibiza, Inca, Ciutadella, and Calvia.

Balearic Islands
Illes Balears  (Catalan)1
Islas Baleares  (Spanish)
Flag of the Balearic Islands
Coat-of-arms of the Balearic Islands
Anthem: La Balanguera
Map of the Balearic Islands
Location of the Balearic Islands east of mainland Spain
Coordinates: 39°30′N 3°00′E / 39.500°N 3.000°E / 39.500; 3.000Coordinates: 39°30′N 3°00′E / 39.500°N 3.000°E / 39.500; 3.000
CapitalPalma de Mallorca
The Balearic Islands together with parts of Spain