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Barbecue (or Barbeque, BBQ) is a special type of grill. It is also a way to prepare meat which is then cooked with a barbecue sauce. It is especially popular in Australia and in certain parts of the United States.

Barbecue cooking is often done very slowly. It is not as hot as grilling. Some meats must be cooked slowly to be tender, and easy to chew. Sometimes, meat may be slowly cooked for 8 to 24 hours on a barbecue.

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In the United States, people barbecue chicken, beef and pork, depending on the part of the country.[1] Barbecuing is very popular in the Central and Southern U.S., especially in Texas with beef and Kansas City and North Carolina with pork. In the United States barbecued meat is usually covered in barbecue sauce, a type of thick, dark red sauce that often contains spices, tomatoes, and honey. Very often, American barbecue grills get heat from hickory wood.

In California, it was common to barbecue beef in a hole in the ground rather than a grill. This is called a "pit barbecue".

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In Greek cuisine, a barbecue is called a skara. A Greek skara is typically used to grill various cuts of meat, such as steak, koftas, pork, souvlaki, chicken wings and chicken breasts. Greek salad and other cold foods accompany the meal.[2]

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A Brazilian barbecue is called a Churrascaria.

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