Polish singer

Barbara Stanislowa Trzetrzelewska (or Basia, pronounced as baa-SHUH; DOB September 30 in Jaworzno, Poland) is a Polish samba music, pop and bossa nova singer-songwriter and recording artist. She began her singing career with several Polish music bands in the late 1960s through the 1970s. She moved to the United Kingdom in 1980 or 1981.[1]

Basia became famous as a member of the British music trio Matt Bianco. She and her bandmate Danny White left the group in or before 1986 so she could focus on her solo music career.[2] Her well-known songs include the 1990 song "Baby You're Mine", her cover of Aretha Franklin's "Until You Come Back to Me" and "Time and Tide".

Basia went on a break because of some personal tragedies. She returned in the late 2000s to continue her career. She now releases her music with independent record labels.

Some sources mention 1954 as her birthday.[3] Others say her birth year was between 1956 to 1959.[4]

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