Basil Hall Chamberlain

British academic

Basil Hall Chamberlain (18 October 1850 – 15 February 1935) was a British academic, editor, translator, and Japanologist.

Basil Hall Chamberlain

Chamberlain is best known as the author of Things Japanese, which was first published in 1890.


Along with Ernest Mason Satow and William George Aston, Chamberlain was one of three major British Japanologists during the 19th century.

Chamberlain taught at the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy in Tokyo from 1874 to 1882.

He was a professor of Japanese language at Tokyo Imperial University from 1886 to 1911.

Selected worksEdit

In an overview of writings by and about Chamberlain, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 320+ works in 860+ publications in 6 languages and 6,100+ library holdings .[1]

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  • The Classical Poetry of the Japanese, 1880
  • A Translation of the 'Ko-Ji-Ki', 1883
  • The Language, Mythology, and Geographical Nomenclature of Japan Viewed in the Light of Aino Studies, 1887
  • Aino Folk-Tales, 1888
  • A Handbook of Colloquial Japanese, 1887
  • Things Japanese,1890
  • A Handbook for Travellers in Japan, 1891
  • Essay in aid of a grammar and dictionary of the Luchuan language, 1895

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