Ernest Satow

British diplomat (1843-1929)

Ernest Mason Satow GCMG PC[note 1] (30 June 1843 - 26 August 1929), was a British scholar, diplomat and Japanologist.[1]

The young Ernest Satow

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Along with William George Aston and Basil Hall Chamberlain, Satow was one of three major British Japanologists during the 19th century.

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In an overview of writings by and about Ernest Mason Satow, OCLC/WorldCat lists roughly 200+ works in 300+ publications in 9 languages and 4,000+library holdings.[2]

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  • A Guide to Diplomatic Practice, 1917
  • A Diplomat in Japan, 1921
  • The Family Chronicle of the English Satows, 1925

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Japanese calligraphy by Satow. The kanji read (from right to left) "敬和" (Kei-Wa), literally "Respect and harmony".
  1. Ernest Mason Satow was known in Japan as "アーネスト・サトウ" (Ānesuto Satō), known in China as (traditional Chinese) "薩道義" or (simplified Chinese) "萨道义"

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