Basil I

Byzantine emperor from 867 to 886

Basil I, also nicknamed the Macedonian (Greek: Βασίλειος ὁ Μακεδών, c. 811 - 29 August 886) was a Byzantine Emperor 24 September 867 – 29 August 886.

Basil I
Emperor of the Romans
Portrait of Emperor Basil I
Byzantine Emperor
Reign24 September 867 – 29 August 886
PredecessorMichael III
SuccessorLeo VI
Bornc. 811
Chariopolis, Macedonia, Eastern Roman Empire
Died29 August 886 (aged 75)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Eudokia Ingerina
Full name
ReligionChalcedonian Christianity

Born a lowly peasant in of Macedonia, he rose power and influence in the imperial court after entering into the service of Theophilitzes, a relative of Emperor Michael III (r. 842–867). He was given a fortune by the wealthy Danielis and gained Michael's favour, whose mistress he married on his emperor's orders. In 866, Michael proclaimed him co-emperor, but Basil ordered his assassination, thus installing himself as sole ruler of the empire.