Batman (1989 movie)

1989 film directed by Tim Burton
(Redirected from Batman (1989 film))

Batman is a superhero movie directed by Tim Burton. It is based on the DC Comics Batman. Michael Keaton plays Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jack Nicholson plays The Joker and Kim Basinger plays Vicki Vale. The movie was released in 1989.

Directed byTim Burton
StarringMichael Keaton
Jack Nicholson
Music byDanny Elfman
Release date
June 23, 1989
CountryUnited States

Many top stars were considered for the role of Batman, including Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Charlie Sheen, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Selleck and Bill Murray. Tim Burton was pressured to cast an obvious action movie star. Producer Jon Peters favored Keaton, arguing he had the right "edgy, tormented quality." Having directed Keaton in Beetlejuice, Burton agreed.


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