Battle of Ourique

battle in Portugal, 1139

The Battle of Ourique (Arabic: معركة أوريكه) was a battle that took place on 25 July 1139, in which the forces of Portuguese count Afonso Henriques (of the House of Burgundy) defeated those led by the Almoravid governor of Córdoba, Muhammad Az-Zubayr Ibn Umar, identified as "King Ismar" in Christian chronicles.

Battle of Ourique
Part of the Portuguese Reconquista
"The Miracle of Ourique" by Domingos Sequeira (1793)
Date25 July 1139
Ourique in Alentejo (southern Portugal)

39°10′12″N 8°45′36″W / 39.1700°N 8.7600°W / 39.1700; -8.7600Coordinates: 39°10′12″N 8°45′36″W / 39.1700°N 8.7600°W / 39.1700; -8.7600
Result Portuguese victory
PortugueseFlag1095.svg County of Portugal Flag of Morocco 1073 1147.svgAlmoravids
Commanders and leaders

Afonso Henriques

  • Royal ensign Garcia Mendes de Sousa
  • Mem Moniz
  • Diogo Gonçalves de Cete 
  • alcaide of Coimbra Gonçalo Dias de Góis
Muhammad Az-Zubayr Ibn Umar
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown