Battle of Princeton

battle in which General George Washington's revolutionary forces defeated British forces near Princeton, New Jersey in the American Revolutionary War

The Battle of Princeton was a battle during the American Revolution. It was fought in January of 1777 near Princeton, New Jersey. The battle came a week after the Battle of Trenton, where General George Washington had led the Continental Army to a surprise victory over the British.

The Continental Army, led by Washington, advanced to Princeton after their victory at Trenton. The army defeated a small British force. A larger British force, led by Charles Cornwallis, was alerted and gave chase. However, the Continental Army burned the bridges behind them and sniped at the British army before escaping to Morristown, New Jersey.

The battle resulted in about 200 casualties (deaths) for the British along with another 300 injured or captured, while the Americans suffered minimal losses. The battle boosted American morale.