Bay of Pigs Invasion

failed landing operation of Cuba in 1961

The Bay of Pigs Invasion was an attempt in 1961 (during the Cold War) to remove Fidel Castro from power in Cuba. The CIA trained Cuban exiles and these exiles launched an attack in a bay called the Bay of Pigs.

Bay of Pigs Invasion
Part of the Cold War

Cuban soldiers supported by T-34 tanks attacking near Playa Giron. April 19, 1961
Date17–20 April 1961
Bay of Pigs, southern coast of Cuba
Result Decisive Cuban government victory
 Cuba  United States
Cuba Cuban DRF
Commanders and leaders
Cuba Fidel Castro
Cuba José Ramón Fernández
Cuba Juan Almeida Bosque
Cuba Che Guevara[1][2]
Cuba Efigenio Ameijeiras
United States John F. Kennedy
United States Allen Dulles
United States Charles Cabell
Cuba Pepe San Román
Cuba Erneido Oliva
Units involved
Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces
National Revolutionary Militia
Brigade 2506
 U.S. Air Force
Cuba 25,000 Cuban army[3]
Cuba 200,000 Cuban Militia[3][4]
Cuba 9,000 armed police[3][4] (across the country)
Cuba 1,500 ground forces[A]
8 American B-26 bombers
5 supply ships
Casualties and losses
Cuban Army:
176 killed
500+ wounded[B]
2,000 killed and wounded[5]
Brigade 2506:
118 killed
360 wounded[D]
1,202 captured[E]
United States:
4 killed
2 B-26 bombers shot down
2 supply ships lost
Bay of Pigs Invasion is located in North America
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Location within North America

The invasion was a failure and most of the attackers were captured or killed. There were several conflicts that led to this; including a lack of promised air support and a change in where the landing was to be launched. This was one of many unsuccessful attempts by the CIA to rid Cuba of Castro. One interesting fact is that the plan was originally put in motion by Eisenhower, but the attack was ordered by John F. Kennedy who only found out about the plan after his election.

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