Bayonne, New Jersey

city in New Jersey, USA
Flag of Bayonne, New Jersey.png
Seal of Bayonne, New Jersey.png

Bayonne (pronounced bay-OWN)[1] is a city in Hudson County, New Jersey, United States. Bayonne is east of Newark, the state's largest city, north of Elizabeth in Union County and west of Brooklyn. As of 2010, the population was 63,024.


  1. Wright, E. Assata. "Secaucus: How do you pronounce it? Development put town on map, but newcomers don’t know where they are", Hudson Reporter, July 6, 2011. "Therefore, the new neighbors may proudly totter about telling folks they live in Sih-KAW-cus or See-KAW-cus. However, natives prefer that the accent be on the first syllable, as in: SEE-kaw-cus.... Bayonne is bay-OWN, not ba-YON, locals say. Kearny is Kar-nee, not Keer-nee."

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