Bell Labs

research and scientific development company

Bell Laboratories (or Bell Labs) is part of the French company Alcatel-Lucent which in turn is owned by Nokia. It is a research subsidiary of the company, and is based in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, United States.

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated
Company typePrivate (Subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent)
IndustryInformation technology
HeadquartersMurray Hill, New Jersey,
United States
ParentAT&T/Western Electric (1925-1983)
AT&T (1984-1996)
Lucent (1996-2006)
Alcatel-Lucent (2006-present)

AT&T created Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1925. It works on creating new things. Bell Labs in the 20th century did much scientific research. Work done there has won seven Nobel Prizes.

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