Bernard D. Beitman

Bernard D. Beitman (born 1942) is a professor of psychiatry. At present time he is Founder and President of The Coincidence Project. He works as a private practitioner in psychiatry. He was the head of the psychiatry department at University of Missouri, Columbia. He has authored a number of books on psychology and related topics.[1]

Beitman also has experiences in sports, such as Rugby. Since the early to mid 1970s, Beitman began to be fascinated on the subject of coincidences and has psychologically studied them.[2] He became fascinated with them after experiencing one in 1973.[3]

He has also began writing books on the same subject.[4] His continuing research on coincidences includes launching a project called "the coincidence project."[5] His research is not "completed" and he is continuing it and has also included publishing psychological papers on coincidence.[6]

He also studied at Yale University and Stanford.[7]

Beitman also coined the term simulpathity from his research into coincidence. Simulpathity is a coincidence in which an individual feels the pain or suffering of a loved one.[8] In 1973, Bietman claims he experienced chocking despite having no objects in his throat.[9] The next day, he was informed by his brother that his father, who was living on the other side of America, was chocking on his own blood and died. Beitman learned the timing of his fathers fatal chocking was occurring the same time as his, despite being thousands of miles apart.[10]

He and his coincidental experiences have also been inspired by the works of Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung.[11]

This coincidence then set him off on a curious mission to try and better understand the phenomenon. His research of interest in this topic is equally shared by other researchers.[12]

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