Bikol languages

group of languages of the Philippines

Bikol languages are a group of language spoken by people in the Bicol region on southeastern Luzon in the Philippines. They was highly affected by the Spanish language. They are spoken mostly on the Bicol Peninsula of the island of Luzon, parts of Catanduanes and Burias Islands and Masbate province. There are similar to the Visayan languages. The two together are called the Bisacol languages. Central Bicol or Bicol-Naga is the most spoken language in the Bicol region. It is spoken in the northern and western part of Camarines Sur, second congressional district of Camarines Norte, eastern part of Albay, northeastern part of Sorsogon, San Pascual town of Masbate and southwestern part of Catanduanes. Central Bicol speakers can be found in all the provinces in Bicol, It is a majority language in Camarines Sur.

Bicol Region
Linguistic classification:Austronesian
ISO 639-2 and 639-5:bik

Geographic extent of Bikol languages according to Ethnologue
  Bikol proper
  Bisayan languages in the Bikol region

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