Black Forest

mountain range in Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany

The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) is a world famous forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.[1]

Map of the Black Forest

Important towns are (from north to south): Pforzheim, Calw, Baden-Baden, Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Horb, Villingen-Schwenningen, Titisee-Neustadt and Waldshut-Tiengen. The highest mountain is the Feldberg (1492m).

The Black Forest is quite popular for hiking, skiing and Nordic walking. In Triberg, at the lake Titisee and in other places you can buy the famous cuckoo clocks. A good way to get known to the Black Forest is to travel on the Deutsche Uhrenstraße, a "National Scenic Byway."

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