container (usually cuboidal) with at least one roughly rectangular cross-section

A box is a container used to put things in. It is mainly a cuboid (square) shape, but it can be other shapes too. Boxes are usually made out of cardboard,[1] wood, plastic or metal. Many boxes are made of cardboard, and a lot of them are made. They are primarily used for packaging,[2]commercial goods or storing goods and materials. They can be made from bent or wrinkled cardboard. In their most obvious life stage, they are popularly used as a cheap material to hold a range of projects, among them being science experiments, children's toys, costumes and other things.

An empty cardboard box.
A wooden box for fireworks.

A box also means a rectangle, e.g. userbox. But rectangles are mainly referred to as rectangles, the term box is the outline, or perimeter of the rectangle.


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