British National Party

far-right British nationalist political party

The British National Party (or BNP for short) is a far-right[1][2] and fascist[3][4][5][6] political party in the United Kingdom. The party was led by Nick Griffin from 1999 until 2014 and the current leader of the BNP is Adam Walker.[source?]

In 2009, the party had 2 MEPs (Members of European Parliament) out of 73 British seats in the European Parliament[source?]. Those two seats were held by Griffin and Andrew Brons.[source?] It has no seats in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom or the devolved assemblies.[source?]

The BNP was started in 1982 by John Tyndall (politician)[source?].

In November 2012 the British Democratic Party was started by Brons.[source?] Brons started the party after leaving the BNP in October 2012. Brons wants the BDP to end the BNP.[source?] He does not like the BNP because he thinks its ideology is not extreme enough.[source?] Griffin lost his seat in the European Parliament in 2014.[source?]



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