municipality and capital city of Belgium

Brussels (French: Bruxelles, Dutch: Brussel, German: Brüssel) is the capital city of Belgium and the European Union.

French: Bruxelles
Dutch: Brussel
German: Brüssel
Flag of Brussels
Official seal of Brussels
Coordinates: 50°50′48″N 4°21′6″E / 50.84667°N 4.35167°E / 50.84667; 4.35167
 • Total145,917[1]
City hall at the Grote Markt

In 2007, 145,917 people lived there.[1] But the area around it, known as the Brussels-Capital Region, had 1,031,215 people (which makes it the largest city area in Belgium).

The people of Brussels speak mainly French and Flemish (a type of Dutch). There are lots of other languages spoken as well, because the European Union offices are there and because many thousands of immigrants from all over the world live there.

The city is at 50° 50 North, 04° 21 East.[2] It has an oceanic climate (Cfb in the Köppen climate classification).

Thirty-one people were killed in a terrorist attack on 22 March 2016.



Many popular European comics came from Brussels, such as Tintin, The Smurfs, Snorks, and Lucky Luke.

It is also well known for a style of building known as Art Nouveau.

The vegetables Brussels sprouts are named after the city, and Brussels is also famous for its waffles and its chocolates.

A lot of tourists visit Brussels for the statue "Manneken Pis".


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