creative work in which images and text convey information such as narratives

In comics, stories or information are given using pictures, or pictures and words together. In comics, a story is told with many pictures, mostly in panels. The first panel is supposed to be read first, and takes place earlier in time than the panels that follow it.

Little Nemo sea
America's Best Comics #26,

There are many kinds of comics. Comic strips are short comics which are often found in newspapers. Comic books are thin comics magazines. Graphic novels are books of comics. In Japan, comics are very popular, and Japanese comics are popular around the world. The Japanese word for comics is manga, and people use this word for Japanese comics in English and other languages.

The first comic strips in the United States were funny. "Comic" is another word for "funny", so they were called "comic strips". The first comic books were collections of comic strips. Today, many comics are serious, but they are still called "comics".

In comics, speech is usually shown through word balloons. There are many different kinds of word balloons, such as the "speech balloon", the "thought balloon" and the "scream balloon".

An extremely long embroidered cloth depicting events leading to the Norman conquest of England.
Theorists debate whether the Bayeux Tapestry is a precursor to comics.

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