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The German word Burgermeister often spelled in English as Burgomaster or Burgomeister means master of the citizens.

A Burgermeister is chairman of the executive council (or cabinet) in many towns and cities in Germany. In France, the person is called a maire. In the Netherlands the person is called the burgemeester. The title is usually translated into English as Mayor, but the position of mayor is not quite the same as the Burgermeister.

Municipal government

  • Bürgermeister, is used in Germany and Austria. It was used in Switzerland until the mid-19th century. In Switzerland now various names are used instead, such as Gemeindepräsident, Stadtpräsident, Gemeindeammann, and Stadtammann.
  • In city-states there can be more than one Bürgermeister. The senior one, equivalent to the Minister-President has an extra title
    • Regierender Bürgermeister ('Governing Mayor') in Berlin
    • Erster Bürgermeister (literally 'First Mayor') in Hamburg
    • Bürgermeister und Präsident des Senats ('Mayor and President of the Senate') in Bremen
  • Many large cities also have more than one Bürgermeister, the senior is usually called the Oberbürgermeister or Lord Mayor.

Ober- is put in front of many title to show that it is higher than another, especially in military.

Historical title

  • Präsidierender Bürgermeister ('Presiding Bürgermeister') is a name sometimes seen in old documents and books.