Business jet

civil jet aircraft designed to transport executives and other VIPs

A business jet is an aircraft designed and built for transporting a small group of passengers, between four and twenty people. Generally it is a twin-turbojet aircraft, but some are tri-jet (such as Falcon 50), or four-engine (like the Jetstar). In some cases it is even airliners that have been turned into this kind of aircraft, like Airbus A320CJ or Boeing 737BJ.[1]

Learjet 45's Business Jet.
Dassault Falcon 900 EX's Business Jet.
Pakistan Air Force Embraer Phenom 100's Business Jet'.

Some business jets are used by air forces for priority and VIP transport.Prestige,Flexibility and Comfort are Featured aspects of Jet travel, Considering these wonderful aspects some of the Companies like XOJet,JetSuite are Offering Private Jet Facilities For Business or Private Trips.[2]


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