By-elections to the 35th Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 35th Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the House of Commons of Canada between the 1993 federal election and the 1997 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the entirety of the 35th Canadian Parliament, with little change from by-elections.

Fourteen seats became vacant during the life of the Parliament. Ten of these vacancies were filled through by-elections, and four seats remained vacant when the 1997 federal election was called.

By-election Date Incumbent Party Winner Party Cause Retained
Hamilton East June 17, 1996 Sheila Copps      Liberal Sheila Copps      Liberal Resignation Yes
Humber—St. Barbe—Baie Verte March 25, 1996 Brian Tobin      Liberal Gerry Byrne      Liberal Resignation Yes
Labrador March 25, 1996 Bill Rompkey      Liberal Lawrence O'Brien      Liberal Resignation Yes
Etobicoke North March 25, 1996 Roy MacLaren      Liberal Roy Cullen      Liberal Resignation Yes
Lac-Saint-Jean March 25, 1996 Lucien Bouchard      Bloc Québécois Stéphan Tremblay      Bloc Québécois Resignation Yes
Papineau—Saint-Michel March 25, 1996 André Ouellet      Liberal Pierre Pettigrew      Liberal Resignation Yes
Saint-Laurent—Cartierville March 25, 1996 Shirley Maheu      Liberal Stéphane Dion      Liberal Called to the Senate Yes
Ottawa—Vanier February 13, 1995 Jean-Robert Gauthier      Liberal Mauril Bélanger      Liberal Resignation Yes
Brome—Missisquoi February 13, 1995 Gaston Péloquin      Bloc Québécois Denis Paradis      Liberal Death (car accident) No
Saint-Henri—Westmount February 13, 1995 David Berger      Liberal Lucienne Robillard      Liberal Resignation Yes