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C-SPAN (/ˈsspæn/; an acronym for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is an American cable and satellite television network, created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a nonprofit public service. It televises proceedings of the United States federal government and other public affairs programming. C-SPAN is a private, nonprofit organization funded by its cable and satellite affiliates. It does not have advertisements on any of its television networks or radio stations, nor does it solicit donations or pledges. The network operates independently; the cable industry and the U.S. Congress have no control over its programming content.

Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaUnited States
SloganCreated by Cable. Offered as a Public Service.
HeadquartersCapitol Hill, Washington, D.C.
Picture format1080i (HD)
480i (SD)
OwnerNational Cable Satellite Corporation (nonprofit)
Sister channelsC-SPAN2, C-SPAN3, C-SPAN Radio
LaunchedMarch 19, 1979 (C-SPAN)
June 2, 1986 (C-SPAN2)
January 22, 2001 (C-SPAN3)
(C-SPAN Radio)
90.1 FM / HD Radio (Washington, D.C. / Baltimore)
Selective TV, Inc.
(Alexandria, MN)
K50DB-D 50.3
Available on most cable systemsCheck local listings for channels
Verizon FiOS109: C-SPAN (SD)
110: C-SPAN2 (SD)
111: C-SPAN3 (SD)
DirecTV350: C-SPAN (SD)
351: C-SPAN2 (SD)
C-SPAN3 not offered
Dish Network210: C-SPAN (SD)
211: C-SPAN2 (SD)
C-SPAN3 not offered
C-BandAMC10 at 135.0°W

101: C-SPAN (SD)
102: C-SPAN2 (SD)
103: C-SPAN3 (SD)
201: C-SPAN (HD)
202: C-SPAN2 (HD)
203 C-SPAN3 (HD)

501: Radio (SD)[1]
Streaming media
Available free to all Internet usersC-SPAN Live
and on demand

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