Canta Conmigo Ahora (season 1)

season of television series

The first season of Canta Conmigo Ahora began on July 25, 2022 and was broadcast by El Trece, is the Argentine version of the British program All Together Now.

Canta Conmigo Ahora Season 1
Country of originArgentina
No. of episodes50
Original networkeltrece
Original release25 July 2022 (2022-07-25) –
October 18, 2022 (2022-10-18)
Season chronology
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The winner of this first season was Nicolás Reyna and the runner-up was Agustina Sol Pereira.


The protagonist of the program, in addition to its participants, will be the team of 100 jurors who will be different people who have to do with the musical world, of these only 15 will be recognized figures, here is the list of those confirmed:[1]

Judge members
Name Information
Alejandro Paker Singer and actor
Aaron Singer and composer
Antonela Cirillo Singer, songwriter, actress and host
Bahiano Singer, composer, announcer and television presenter. Former vocalist of Los Pericos
Brenda Aliendro Singer and composer
Candelaria «Lelé» Tinelli Singer of pop and Urban pop, fashion designer, painter, influencer and daughter of Marcelo Tinelli
Carolina Ibarra Singer, actress, host and writer
Claudia Carenzio Singer and winner of Festival de la OTI 1994
Claudia Pirán Singer of Argentine folklore
Coti Singer
Crash Actress and singer of R&B, trap, pop and urbano
Cristian Castro Singer and composer of Latin ballad and Latin pop
Eduardo Bosio Lyrical singer and vocal coach. Member of the Stable Choir Teatro Colón
Fabio Santana Singer and veteran of Falklands War
Fénix Drag Singer and drag queen
Fran GAIA Musician, singer-songwriter and composer
Gabriela Pochinki Lyrical singer
Gladys, la Bomba Tucumana Singer of tropical music
Gustavo Remesar Singer, butcher and winner of Soñando por cantar
Heidy Viciedo Singer, songwriter and dubbing player. showgirl from J Mena.
Ignacio Mintz ENT doctor, singer and actor
Inti Rap Rapper and music producer
José Luis "Puma" Rodríguez Latin ballad and pop singer, actor, businessman and music producer
Juan Pablo Schroh Singer and ex-participant of Soñando por cantar
Julián Rubino Actor and singer. Former participant of Popstars and Latin American Idol
Juan Taleb Musician, singer and composer. Member of Los Caligaris
Julia Morgado Singer and actress
Kaori Orita Singer of tango
Lucas "Locho" Loccisano Musician and singer. Former participant of El hotel de los famosos.
Luciano "Tirri" Giugno Percussionist, composer, singer and cousin of Marcelo Tinelli. Former member of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs
Magui Olave Singer of cuarteto and cousin of Rodrigo and Ulises Bueno
Manuel Wirzt Singer and songwriter of argentine rock
Manuela Perin Singer, actress and voice teacher
Mariano Zito Singer, dancer and actor
Marisol Otero Singer-songwriter, actress and sister of Florencia Otero
Melina de Piano Singer and journalist
Odino Faccia Singer-songwriter and candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize
Patrissia Lorca Singer, actress, vocal coach and dancer
Raúl Sencillez Musician, singer and composer. Member of Los Caligaris
Rocío Araujo Singer and bandoneonist
Romina Salgado Singer, vocal coach, actress and model
Samuel Nascimento Actor, singer and dancer
Sebastián "Papa Rock" Chapu Singer, tattoo artist, sculptor, photographer and plastic artist


Week 1Edit


  1. Tie between Ailén Peralta and Maximiliano Serral for 1st. Instead, Maximiliano Serral won 51–49. Muses were moved to (3rd place) and Rudy Morales eliminated.


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