5th-6th century Celtic king in South Wales or Brittany

Caradoc was a knight of the Round Table. He was raised as the son of Caradoc the Elder, the king of Nates. His mother had an affair with a sorcerer named Eliavres who was his real father. During a beheading game, he chopped off his opponents head. The corpse replaced the head and explained that he was Caradoc’s biological father. Humiliated, he took his father and locked him in a tower. While attempting to escape, the wizard made a serpent wrap itself around his son's arm. A witch persuaded Eliaures, who was a magician, to make the snake attach itself to Caradoc's arm, sucking his blood. His friend Cador saved his life by putting his sister Guimer in a vat of milk and Caradoc in a vat of sour wine. This got the snake to cross from one vat to the other, giving Cador the chance to kill it with his sword. The attack caused Caradoc’s arm to “shrivel away”, and he became known as Breifbras (little-arm). Later in life he married Guignier. Due to Caradoc’s mother’s infidelity, he was very paranoid and made his wife go through a chastity test while they were both in Camelot. She passed the test and the two were given the city of Cirencester as a reward.