Card game

game using playing cards as the primary device
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A card game is any game played with playing cards. Some common card games are poker, bridge, blackjack, solitaire, and go fish.

Cards are individually identifiable from one side only (the "face"). Each player knows only the cards he holds and not those held by anyone else. Card games are often called "games of chance" or games of "imperfect information". In these, the current position is not seen by all players throughout the game.

Some games of cards use a board. The gameplay of a card game depends on the use of the cards by players. The board is a guide for scorekeeping or for card placement. Board games (the principal non-card game genre to use cards) generally focus on the players' positions on the board, and use the cards for some secondary purpose.

There are trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! that use special packs. These games often involve fighting role-play.

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