town in Tandridge district, Surrey, England

Caterham is a town in Surrey. It is 22 miles (34 km) from Guildford.[1] There are 20,957 people living in the town.[2] The town is made of two parts. The old part is now called Caterham on the Hill. The new part is called Caterham Valley. Caterham Valley was started after a railway was built below Caterham village, in 1856.[3]

Caterham was once the most eastern town in Surrey. It became the most northeastern town in Surrey when Greater London was made.[4]

There used to be a barracks in the town. Twenty three people were hurt by an explosion at the Caterham Arms in 1975. The explosion was caused by the Irish Republican Army. They wanted to kill soldiers from the barracks.[5]

Caterham has many churches. The church of St. Lawrence is about one thousand years old. Three churches were made in the Victorian era. These were: St. Mary's, Caterham United Reformed church and St. John's.[6]

A sports car maker is named after the town.[7]


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