Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, Port-au-Prince

Roman Catholic cathedral in Port-au-Prince

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption (French: Cathédrale Notre-Dame de L'Assomption), better known as the Port-au-Prince Cathedral (French: Cathédrale de Port-au-Prince),[1] was a cathedral located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti built between 1884 and 1914 and would be consecrated until 1928. It was destroyed during the January 12, 2010 Earthquake.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption
Cathedral before 1924.
AffiliationRoman Catholic Church
DistrictRoman Catholic Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince
LeadershipMgr Guire Poulard, Archbishop of Port-au-Prince
Year consecrated1928
StatusDestroyed (2010)
LocationPort-au-Prince, Haiti
Geographic coordinates18°32′56.6″N 72°20′19″W / 18.549056°N 72.33861°W / 18.549056; -72.33861
Architectural typeCathedral

Destruction change

During the Earthquake, the roof and the bell towers collapsed, except for the walls which resisted, at that moment the nunciature and the archiepiscopal offices would collapse where Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot[2][3] and Vicar General Charles Beniot would die.[4]

Reconstruction change

In 2012, the Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince together with Faith & Form magazine launched an international competition on the reconstruction of the cathedral, which was won by the Puerto Rican architect Segundo Cardona who planned to use the old building for the reconstruction of this new cathedral. the construction is still in a state of ruins.[5]

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