Cedrus libani

species of plant

Cedrus libani, the cedar of Lebanon or Lebanon cedar is a large coniferous tree of the cedrus genus, it is native to the eastern Mediterranean Sea from Lebanon to Turkey. The tree grows to a maximum height of 40m and 10m wide, with a trunk of 2.5m covered in thick, scaly, black, grey-brown bark. When young it is conical in shape but as it matures it becomes flatter on top and more open in structure. The pointed, needle-shaped leaves are glaucous-blue to dark green in colour, 4 sided and about 2.5 cm long. The female cones are a dullish green when young, maturing to brown, 6–10 cm long and barrel-shaped.[1]

Cedrus libani
Lebanon Cedar in the Forest of the Cedars of God.
Scientific classification
C. libani
Binomial name
Cedrus libani

The Cedar of Lebanon has great landscaping value and is widely planted in park and large gardens.

Lebanon Cedar in Barouk, Lebanon


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