Charles VII of France

monarch of the House of Valois who ruled as King of France

Charles VII of France (22 February 1403 – 22 July 1461), was King of France from 1422 to his death. He was not crowned as king until 1429 because England controlled large parts of France. His father, Charles VI of France, had disinherited him. He was called “King of Bourges” because Bourges was one of the few places he still controlled.

Charles VII the Victorious
Portrait [fr] by Jean Fouquet, tempera on wood, Louvre Museum, Paris, c. 1445–1450
King of France
Reign21 October 1422 – 22 July 1461
Coronation17 July 1429
PredecessorCharles VI
SuccessorLouis XI
Born22 February 1403
Paris, France
Died22 July 1461(1461-07-22) (aged 58)
Mehun-sur-Yèvre, France
Marie of Anjou (m. 1422)
Louis XI of France
Radegonde of Valois
Yolande, Duchess of Savoy
Magdalena, Princess of Viana
Charles, Duke of Berry
Joan, Duchess of Bourbon
Catherine of Valois
Marie de Valois (illegitimate)
Charlotte de Brézé (illegitimate)
FatherCharles VI of France
MotherIsabeau of Bavaria
ReligionRoman Catholic

Joan of Arc took back land for him, but she was burned at the stake after he refused to pay her ransom. The Hundred Years' War ended while Charles VII was king. The English were left with only a small area around Calais