Chevalier de Lorraine

French knight

Philippe of Lorraine, called the Chevalier de Lorraine (1643 – 8 December 1702) was a French nobleman and member of the House of Guise, cadet of the Ducal House of Lorraine. He was the renowned lover of Philippe of France, Duke of Orléans, Monsieur, only brother of Louis XIV. Even though he never married is is said to have had illegitimate children.

Philippe of Lorraine
"Chevalier de Lorraine"
Philippe de Lorraine dit le Chevalier de Lorraine 1643 - 1702.jpg
Alexandre bâtard de Lorraine
Full name
Philippe de Lorraine
Father Henri of Lorraine, Count of Harcourt
Mother Marguerite Philippe du Cambout
Born around 1643
Died 8 December 1702
Paris, France