Christiana Visentin Gajoni

French painter

Christiana Visentin Gajoni (also known as Christiana Visentin; born in 1974 in Rome (Italy) is a painter and actress Italian.[1]

Christiana Visentin Gajoni
Chrisitiana Visentin Gajoni painter.png
Christiana Visentin Gajoni dans son atelier parisien
Christiana Visentin

EducationAcadémie de la Grande Chaumière
Chrisitiana Visentin Gajoni paint with Federico Fellini


Christiana Visentin, is the daughter of actress Cristina Gajoni and composer Alberto Visentin.[2] She started painting as a child in her grandfather's studio Adriano Gajoni,[3] with his grandfather's pupils in Milan, who after his death had taken over the workshop. His pictorial movement is called Magical Neorealism. Educated at the Montparnasse Academy in Paris. Initially, specialized in the study of artistic genres of Still life, mainly pictorial which represents inanimate elements (fruits, flowers, various objects...) and drawing inspiration from the Renaissance Art painters she studied for decades. She started her career as a very young actress[4][5] de cinéma,[6][7] moved to Paris to study drawing and painting at the Académie Montparnasse in Paris then devoted himself to painting.


Christiana Visentin Gajoni creates a genre of painting in which objects are represented with extreme neonaturalism, but which, thanks to the addition of surreal or paradoxical elements, give the representation a subtly mysterious effect, conveying a sense of unreality.

Artistic awardEdit

Art exhibitionEdit

  • 2002
    • "Soirée Futuriste" Exposition de caricatures de personnages de théâtre à Reims, Paris, Lyon, Naples.
    • 2001
    • "expo CHRISTIANA", Espace Château-Landon.[11]
  • 1999
  • 1998
    • "CHRISTIANA", Espace Arts Lebaudy[12] · [13]
    • "Art Kanal 10", Portes Ouvertes
  • 1994
    • Bacchus, Nymphes et Satyres", Crypte de "La Taverne". Bordeaux
    • "Spyrales" Club De La Presse. International Association of Press Clubs, Bordeaux
  • 1991
    • Studio Tamaso. Milano
    • Villa Litta Carini, Bergamo
  • 1989
  • 1985
  • 1981
    • "30 millions d'amis" Exposition collective d'enfants pour l'émission (1er Prix sur le concours Peindre Son Chat).
  • 1979

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