rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked

A cigar is a form in which tobacco is smoked. It is usually larger than a cigarette. Cigars are made of different types of tobacco which are cured in many different way to produce unique flavors and fragrances. Most quality cigars are rolled using a tobacco leaf, though more and more cigars have been rolled using different types of paper to replace the tobacco leaf. This results in a cleaner looking cigar. Commercially produced cigars are rolled and packed using machinery, and quality control and smokeability cannot be truly verified. Hand rolled cigars prove to still be the best option, but are more costly. Cuba is known worldwide for their cigars, which are famously hard to get in the United States because of an embargo against Cuba. Many other countries also produce cigars, most notably in the Central America and Caribbean island areas.

A cigar with a storage tube and a cigar cutter.