Civic Star

Created by the Académie française in order to reward dedication to people and honor behavior and actions which attest this

The Civic Star (French: Étoile Civique) is a French award.[1]

Étoile Civique
Civic Star
Awarded by Académie française
TypeAward with 4 degrees:
Awarded forDistinguished contributions to the community, improvement of social life, progress of Humanity, through hard work, selflessness, and sacrifice.
StatusCurrently awarded

It was established by the Académie française in 1930.[2]

The star distinguishes those who contribute to the enrichment of the community,[3] improvement of social life,and the progress of Humanity.[4] It is particularly for those whose lives are of hard work, sacrifice and would remain unknown without this award.[5] It is divided into four degrees: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Silver-gilt.[6]

The star's motto is Honorer les vertus civiques - Servir le prestige national ('To honor the civic virtues - Serving national prestige').

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