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Cloudstone is a role-playing video game that was released by Playsaurus in 2011. It was the first game to be released by Playsaurus, with Clicker Heroes being the next game. In fact, many of the monsters in Cloudstone were later used in Clicker Heroes.

Platform(s)Web browser, iOS (now removed), Android (also removed)

Cloudstone was taken off Kongregate on November 20, 2017.[1]

Gameplay Edit

In Cloudstone, the player plays the game as an unnamed character. Cloudstone is played by clicking on a spot in the level to move there. There are many levels in Cloudstone. Some levels contain chests full of potions and weapons, while some contain monsters to fight. Monsters can be attacked by clicking on them when the player is close to them. Monsters give a currency called gold, which can be used to buy weapons and armor. Unlike in Clicker Heroes, monsters can fight back and damage the player. The game is lost if the player dies.[2][3]

Reception Edit

Cloudstone did not receive much attention from critics. However, on Kongregate, users commented on Cloudstone and gave it mixed reviews.[4]

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