Comunità montana Valdigne Mont Blanc

The Comunità montana Valdigne Mont Blanc ("Valdigne Mont Blanc mountain community", in French Communauté de montagne Valdigne - Mont-Blanc) is an association of 5 comuni in the Italian region of Valle d'Aosta.

Comunità montana Valdigne Mont Blanc
Italian mountain community
La Salle with the Mont Blanc in the background
La Salle with the Mont Blanc in the background
Coordinates (Headquarters): 45°45′N 7°04′E / 45.750°N 7.067°E / 45.750; 7.067
Country Italy
RegionValle d'Aosta
HeadquartersLa Salle
 • Total496.50 km2 (191.70 sq mi)
 • Total8,852
 • Density18/km2 (46/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

The name of the Comunità comes from Valdigne, the upper part of the Aosta Valley in north-west Italy, and the Mont Blanc mountain, the highest mountain in the Alps that is on the border between France and Italy. The Mont Blanc is seen from the upper valley of Aosta and the other small valleys that are part of this Comunità.


Its main purpose is to promote the development of the valleys in the preservation of their cultural and environmental heritage. The Comunità also helps with technical assistance to all the comuni of the region.

The main activities have been:


This Comunità is in the western part of Valle d'Aosta, to the west and northwest of Aosta, the capital city of the region. The comuni are in the upper central valley of the region (the Valdigne) and in a small lateral valley, the Vallon de La Thuile.

The main river in the Comunità is the upper part of the Dora Baltea river that flows through the Comunità from northeast to southwest.

The Comunità montana Valdigne Mont Blanc has a total area of about 496.50 km2 (191.70 sq mi) and a population of 8,852;[1] its population density is of 18 inhabitants/km2.

The headquarters of the mountain community are in La Salle.

The Comunità includes the following comuni:

  Comuni Population[2]
1 Courmayeur 2,836   209.83   13.5
2 La Salle 2,076   83.57   24.8
3 La Thuile 791   126.13   6.3
4 Morgex 2,109   43.30   48.7
5 Pré-Saint-Didier 1,040   33.67   30.9


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