Constitution of Japan

supreme law of Japan since 1947

The Constitution of Japan is the legal document that lays out the rules of how Japan is governed. It dates 3 November 1946 on creation and from 3 May 1947 it entered into force, when it replaced the earlier Meiji Constitution, by legal process of earlier Constitution. This Constitution consists Preamble, affirming that Japanese people should contribute for all human being to live in peace and tolerance, free from fear and want and 11 Chapters, and contrary to former Constitution, it ensure all human rights as unalienable, both civil rights and economic, social and cultural rights (at Chapter III), Article 98 affirms that any laws or orders against the Constitution are invalid and international law must be earnestly observed, Article 99 says that Empire and all public sector have duty to respect and observe the Constitution and the Article 9 of Chapter II prohibits all war and army for purpose of making war.

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