process of the building or assembling of a building or infrastructure

Construction is the process of erection or assembly of any building or infrastructure on a site. In general, there are three types of construction:

Construction of a pre-fabricated house.
The town the construction
The building on Cologne, Germany.
  1. Building construction
  2. Heavy/civil construction
  3. Industrial construction

Building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. Industrial construction, though a relatively small part of the entire construction industry, is a very important component.



The first buildings were huts and shelters, constructed by hand or with simple tools. As cities grew during the Bronze Age, a class of professional craftsmen appeared. Occasionally, slaves were used for construction work. In the Middle Ages, these were organized into guilds. In the 19th century, steam-powered machinery appeared, and later diesel- and electric powered vehicles such as cranes, excavators and bulldozers.

Modern construction is consistently made of materials such as glass, steel, concrete and bricks. So it is easy to build simple forms like simple cubic forms. The new style of architecture is based on the economic basic principle:

  • Social economics: The need to build houses results in having too many houses to build and to create fewer special houses. Decorations and ornaments were not important.
  • Constructive economics: The reduction of needing points and areas allows new possibilities. That results in more free forms with the same work.
  • Stylistic economics: The houses represent universality and objectivity and they are a product of art.