Coppo di Marcovaldo

Florentine painter (1225-1276)

Coppo di Marcovaldo (c. 1225 – c. 1276)[1] was an artist who was born in Florence and worked in that part of Italy in the Late Medieval period. He painted large icons of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ Child, in the Byzantine style. His most famous work is the mosaic of the Last Judgement in the Baptistery of Florence. He also worked in the towns of Pistoia and Siena. There are only two paintings that are known to be by Coppo. One is in the Church of the Servants of Mary in Siena and the other is in the Church of the Servants of Mary in Orvieto. Another painting thought to be by Coppo di Marcovaldo can be seen in the Civic Museum in San Gimignano.

Coppo di Marcovaldo, Christ in Majesty


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