Coronel Fabriciano

town in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Coronel Fabriciano is a Brazilian city in the Vale do Aço metropolitan area, state of Minas Gerais. It is in the region of Vale do Rio Doce and is 200 km from the state capital. The municipal population was estimated in 2020 by IBGE in 110,290 inhabitants, with an area of 221.252 km².[1]

Coronel Fabriciano
The Municipality of Coronel Fabriciano
Partial view of Coronel Fabriciano seen from Timóteo
Partial view of Coronel Fabriciano seen from Timóteo
Flag of Coronel Fabriciano
Official seal of Coronel Fabriciano

"Terra mãe do Vale do Aço"
MinasGerais Municip CoronelFabriciano.svg
Coronel Fabriciano is located in Brazil
Coronel Fabriciano
Coronel Fabriciano
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 19°31′08″S 42°37′44″W / 19.51889°S 42.62889°W / -19.51889; -42.62889Coordinates: 19°31′08″S 42°37′44″W / 19.51889°S 42.62889°W / -19.51889; -42.62889
Country Brazil
StateBandeira de Minas Gerais.svg Minas Gerais
FoundedDecember 27, 1948
 • MayorMarcos Vinícius da Silva Bizarro (PSDB)
 • Total221.252 km2 (85.426 sq mi)
 • Total110.290
Time zoneUTC-3
Postal Code
HDI (2010)0.755 – high

The city was founded in December 27, 1948. The devolviment of the municipality is due to the large companies in the region, such as Aperam South America (old Acesita) and Usiminas, whose industries were in Coronel Fabriciano at they time they were constructed. But in 1964, Fabriciano lost the industrial areas, due to the emancipation of Timóteo and Ipatinga.[2]

It is limited with Ipatinga, Timóteo, Ferros, Joanésia, Antônio Dias and Mesquita.


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