Creating Opportunities

Political party in Ecuador "Creating Opportunities"

Creating Opportunities (Spanish name Creando Oportunidades, CREO, the acronym also being the Spanish word for "I believe") is an Ecuadorian political movement founded in January 2012[5] and participated in the 2013 presidential elections with Guillermo Lasso as their candidate for president.

Creating Opportunities
Creando Oportunidades (CREO)
PresidentCésar Monge
FounderGuillermo Lasso
FoundedJanuary 2012
HeadquartersAv. Quito 2502 y Gomez Rendon, Guayaquil, Ecuador
IdeologyNational conservatism[1][2]
Ecuadorian nationalism
Economic liberalism[source?]
Political positionRight-wing[3][4]
Regional affiliationUnion of Latin American Parties
Seats in the National Assembly
32 / 137


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